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Monday, January 25, 2021

7:55 AM



By Balogun Omeiza David (BOD) BA Mass Communication, University of Jos.

Note: I have written this based on a personal opinion. I was not paid to write this. I have not met one on one with with His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, the governor of Kogi State. I am the one that knows him. He does not know me. Kindly have all of these at the back of your mind before you set out to read this piece. The writer is however open to contributions biased of insults. Thanks.

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Let me quickly use this opportunity to celebrate my late father, Pa. D.F. Balogun, the man who made me to have a first hand experience of how protective the mother hen is to its chicks. Right inside St. Paul\"s Anglican Church Compound housing my father\"s humble home, we live close to a mountain known as Ataba Upahi. My father reared goats, hens, cocks, guinea fowl and ducks. He was a lover of domestic animals. His goats were so used to him that anytime he went out with his Suzuki 100 motorcycle and he is returning back to the house, the goats numbering more than twenty five upon hearing the sound of his motorcycle will run to the road to welcome their shepherd-in-chief. The hens my father reared is my major concern in this post.

The local hens of my father were motherly, virile and security conscious. They lay, incubate and hatch their eggs into chicks with some having same feathers with them while others took after the feathers of the different cocks that their mother "dated." Thereafter, they begin their motherly role of protecting their chicks from predating birds like the kite, hawk and crow. I will like to say here that the same kudos given to our mothers for looking after us from cradle till we grew up should also be given to the mother hen. It goes about with its chicks foraging for food and also feeding them. As it is doing this, it is at the same time keeping an eagle eye on the sky and the trees making sure the predating birds do not catch up with it all of a sudden and whisk away any of its chicks. Most often than not, there is bound to be an attack from the predators. The mother hen spreads its wings in rage with a shrill and loud sound with a ready beak and claw to attack. I remember one day during the dry season when the hawk came within a twinkling of an eye and whisked away one of the chicks of our mother hens. The mother hen to our greatest surprise flew up in the sky after the hawk and rescued back its chick. The chick was badly injured but it survived it at the end of the day. In the same vein that the mother hen looks properly after its chicks, the same way it is that Gov. Yahaya Adoza Bello is showing genuine motherly concern over Nigerians and Kogites as COVID-19 remains a true and false pandemic especially to Nigerians.

His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello the governor of Kogi State has finally become a household name in Nigeria and even beyond. His stance on the COVID-19 pandemic saga that started since late 2019 and ate up the whole of 2020 and still raising its ugly head in 2021 is what has really brought him to limelight. Some people actually understands the point he is trying to make while others are stripped of the ideas this young, gentle and focused governor is insisting on.

It was in 1996 Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company came to Nigeria for the drug trial on Meningitis. The vaccine named Trovan and Ceftriaxone failed which led to the death of 11 children. Others became blind, deaf and dumb as a result of the harmful effects the vaccine had on them. Pfizer is the world\"s biggest research pharmaceutical company based in the United States of America yet they faltered at the altar of helping humanity out of a sickness known as Meningitis. The sum of $175,000 was given as compensation to the families of the children who died after their parents submitted their DNA to Pfizer.

I wonder how old were some of the people accusing and calling Bello unprintable names in 1996 when this Pfizer issue came up. It will surprise you that the mother and father of some of these noisemakers were yet to even get married. Some older people did not even know about this ugly incident that took the lives of some children in Kano. Some that even knew did not see the need to condemn this hurried and unclarified vaccine Pfizer administered on our children that eventually led to their untimely death. Some heartlessly said, so long it is children from Kano that died in the clinical trial then there is no problem. They are of the opinion that Kano is thickly populated so if a vaccine is used to depopulate them then, it is good news to them. That is why the Bible says, "the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?" Again, some saw the $175,000 dollars used in compensating the families of the bereaved as a huge sum that is bogus enough to replace the dead souls of their wards. As big as the money look to them, I wonder if they will release one of their children to die through the testing of a vaccine and get paid should the child die at the end of the day. This is what a defiant character like Bello seeking the progress of Nigerians is vehemently against. I wonder why we have allowed ourselves to be raped on a daily basis by the Western world. If not, Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company came with Meningitis vaccine, gave it to some children without the knowledge of their parents, killed some of the children, made many others to be handicapped and still had the effrontery to ask for DNA\"s because of the monetary compensation they wanted to give out. Bello is not caught out for a messy situation like this one that is bent on altering and killing of creatures God painstakingly took His time to create. Those who are eating fat and ready to milk Nigeria dry financially are the ones embracing this vaccine like no other. I hope we are well aware that Nigeria has released ten billion naira to buy the Pfizer vaccine. Let it also sink into our heads that a total sum of forty billion naira is what our country is budgeting to buy the COVID-19 vaccine that will be able to go around. Do you know how many hospitals such a huge amount can build across the country? A person like Bello will not accept this macabre dance and that is why he is presently building a Reference Hospital in Kogi Central even from the meagre allocation the state is getting from the coffers of the federal government compared to other states collecting chunky allocations. This wreck less spending on a vaccine that Pfizer is not even sure of whether it will serve as a cure is what Bello is against.

In case you are unaware, the President of Zambia, Dr. Nevers Mumba has warned that none of his citizen will be given the vaccine until it is clinically confirmed by their own scientists that the vaccine is medically fit to be used. This is the type of leader we want and Bello has successfully taken the lead. The Zambian President quoted Martin Luther King Jnr. saying, "If we are ignorant and we do not want to verify what we eat, inject and ingest into our bodies then, we do not have a sovereignty. We should better be called a banana republic." This quotation sums up what Mumba and Bello are trying to proof as a point to the Western world and our leaders who are hell bent on buying a commodity that its potency is shaky . It is not the Russians, Americans, Italians or Europe that should tell us that a vaccine is clinically okay for use without our medics and pharmacists having a final say in what is presented before us. The proverb that says, "he who the fire burns fears the ash", should come into play here. As a country, we were burnt by fire in 1996 by the Pfizer Meningitis vaccine, if we refuse to have sense in this 21st Century to "test all spirits", we might end up dying in drones or becoming like robots in next to no time.

Again, Bello the protective mother hen against COVID-19 in Nigeria is accused of saying that there is no COVID in Kogi State and that if any patient of the disease enters Kogi State, such a person will be healed upon entering. I have seen many people gathering under the tree to discuss this particular statement that I do not know whether it is true or false but I will fall in love with Bello the more if truly he said this. By now, we should all know there is power in the tongue. He is the chief umpire of Kogi State and he has from the abundance of faith in his heart voiced it that there is no COVID-19 in his state. Is this not what we hear from our Imams and Pastors anytime they preach about faith that leads to healing in Mosques and Churches? What has Bello said that is wrong? Initially when COVID-19 was raging in 2020, this man refused to lock down his state. Many had thought Kogites will die in drones. He was resolute, firm, unyielding and determined. The National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) had to forcefully give his state a figure on their tabulation that was growing by the seconds. It became a case of "trying to give a dog a bad name in order for it to be hung." Bello became slippery in their hands. They tried several antics to make him bow to the earthly gods of COVID-19 but like Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego, Bello refused to make obeisance to a sickness that he believes can be controlled within our shores both with local herbs and orthodox medicines at our disposals if truly it exists.

Bello has handed over Kogi State to God and he is trying to do same with the entire country. In the Bible, we heard of a place named Gilead which is a place of healing. It is from this place the phrase "Balm of Gilead" referring to God as the perfect healer emanated from. If Bello now sees all the geographical location known as Kogi State as a zone COVID-19 should respect as having the presence of the Balm of Gilead, will you then say he is wrong? Have we not had epidemics in the olden days and local and traditional methodss were used to address each of them? That modernization is now in vogue is not enough a reason for us to always dance to the whims and caprices of the Western world. We have had people with severe catarrh and cough to the point that when the mucus became soft and dropping, it came out with traces of blood. It was traditional herbs "agbo" that was used in curing it. For a very long time, we have had severe conditions of different sicknesses that herbs cured and still curing. Why must we then lock down our dear  country struggling to up its economic value because of COVID-19?

To those of you who misunderstood His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, it will be good you retrace your steps and thinking. I do not want to believe the governor is saying there is no COVID anywhere in the world. I do not want to believe the governor wants his people and people elsewhere to die. His approach is what people are misunderstanding. How can Pfizer present to us a vaccine to a pandemic within a year? Why the haste? Vaccines meant to cure serious ailments like COVID-19 ought to take a longer time for proper laboratory and clinical researches and tests before they are administered on human beings. This vaccine may affect the system of those who will take it as the human system are not the same. Bello is rather calling for caution and timing so that we do not end up dying out of panic taking a vaccine that its potency is yet to be properly ascertained. Hope we are also aware that NCDC before schools resumed agreed through its Director General, Chikwe Ihekweazu that, "the benefits of having children in school outweigh the risks of transmission of COVID-19." What is Bello saying differently from what NCDC is saying? I think it is high time we opened our hearts unto learning and reasoning else we will not be able to make a headway how best we are to handle this COVID-19 saga.

Gov. Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti who is the Chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) is blowing hot accusing Bello to be careful on how he talks about the COVID-19 vaccine. We all know it is a political warning coming from the end of the Ekiti man. I was expecting Fayemi to call on Bello to tutor him on how he is making a headway with the matter of security in Kogi State despite the state sharing boundaries with more than five states in the country. His quest for power will not allow him to ask such a question that will better the lot of his people. We all know 2023 is by the corner and he is among those jostling for the top seat like Bello. Our dear governor Bello has not stopped any governor from taking the vaccine. After all, as protective as the mother hen had always tried to be to its chicks, the stubborn and errant ones still exist and easily carted away by predators. Anybody who is refusing to be under the protective wings of the idea Bello is selling to Nigerians can as well be ready to bear its dire consequences when thy arise.

May we all be shielded from COVID-19 pandemic. May we all learn how to be clean at all times. May we all know that it is good to avoid a crowded place. Shaking of hands with every Tom, Dick and Harry is not compulsory. I hope we all know that Bello is not against all these precautions whether there is COVID pandemic or not. May Bello succeed. May Kogi State excel in leaps and bounds. May Nigeria be handed over to that young man with a gap in the teeth who is from the North Central of Nigeria. The AMEN to this prayer belongs to you and I.

Friday, January 22, 2021

6:48 AM



The Director General, Kogi State Government House Administration, Alh. Dr. Umar Oricha Shaibu today attended the 3rd day Firdau prayer of Hajia Hadiza Eneyimoh Bello, the stepmother of His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State. She is also the mother of Hajia Khadijat Karibo, the Head, Home Grown School Feeding Programme under the Social Investment Programme (SIP), Lokoja. Late Hajia Hadiza Eneyimoh Bello is the grandmother of Hon. Mukhtar Bello the Senior Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs to the governor.

The death of Hajia Hadiza Eneyimoh Bello occurred on Wednesday 20th January, 2021 in Abuja. Her corpse was conveyed home to her family house located at Agassa in Okene Local Government Area. She was buried on the same day according to Islamic rites. She was above ninety (90) years before she died after a brief illness.

The Acting Chief Imam of Ebiraland, Alh. Salihu Abere graced the 3rd Day Firdau Prayer of late Hajia Hadiza Eneyimoh Bello. While leading other Muslim faithfuls to pray for the soul departed, he enjoined all those in attendance to put Allah first in all they do as no mortal will escape death. In his words, "Allah (SWT) has designed the soul of everyone to return to him and only Him knows when each soul will be called home. It is therefore expected that we all live our lives carefully here on earth as our deeds will be used to place us where we fit into in eternity." Alh. Abere led those versed in the Holy Quaran for recitation and also prayers for the family of late Hajia Hadiza Eneyimoh Bello.

Alh. Dr. Umar Oricha Shaibu took his time to console the children of Hajia Hadiza Eneyimoh Bello. He prayed for the family and also dished out words of wisdom to console the children and grandchildren of the departed.

The Media Team
Office of the Director General,
Government House Administration,
Friday 22nd, 2021.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

7:27 PM



By Balogun Omeiza David (BOD), Lokoja.

January 15th of every year is set aside as The Armed Forces Remembrance Day (AFRD). It is a day Nigerians set aside to celebrate and commemorate the service men of Nigerian Armed Forces. It also honours veterans of the World War l and ll as well as the Nigerian Civil War. This year's edition of the AFRD has come and gone but a particular scene that happened at the event that is not the first time it is happening has engulfed the social media.

The pigeon is one of the several birds of the family Columbidae which consists more than 300 species. They are a specially domesticated bird like the hen, cock, duck and the guinea fowl. They like freedom and mainly black and white in colour. The white pigeon is known to many as a bird that brings good omen. Some however waves this aside to be a superstitious believe. I wanted agreeing with those who hung their believes that the pigeon is not as important a bird as we are made to believe by some people when suddenly I ran into a scripture in the Bible. The book of Luke 2:22-24 told us of how according to the law of Moses after the completion of the days of purification, they brought Jesus up to Jerusalem. A sacrifice of two young pigeons followed them to the temple. This made me to believe to a point that the pigeon or dove are truly not ordinary birds as the Holy Spirit that is to teach us all things is also depicted to be a dove or pigeon like bird. I was privileged to be discussing with an elderly man who had many pigeons and were always flying and hovering over his roof and entire compound. The pigeons in this man's house were mainly whitish in colour. He told me that aside the joy he derives in seeing them flying and also their cooing sound he enjoyed so much, they are also a kind of bird that instead of them allowing any evil to befall you their owner, one of them will drop dead.

Let it be known to us that the ritual of releasing doves or white pigeons is to commemorate the life of a departed loved one that is why it is common during funerals or memorials. It also signifies a sign of peace each time they are released. As I earlier said, pigeons loves to be free as they are always fond flying around and returning back to their nests. In fact, the male and female pigeons that happens to be husband and wife takes turn to incubate their eggs. That is why domesticated pigeons who are used to living in cages are not always keen on flying whenever they are released for such purpose. This is exactly what happened to President Muhammed Buhari (PMB) at the National Arcade when he picked one of the pigeons, threw it into the air but rather than flying, the bird landed on top of the cage. PMB was eager to see the pigeons fly so, he totally opened the roof of the cage in a quest to send them all out and flying but the pigeons remained recalcitrant and decided to sit atop of the cage's roof. With no option left for PMB, he returns to his seat. Funny enough, some of the pigeons flew away from the cage after PMB left. This was what set social media platforms on fire as people began to read different meanings to the pigeons that refused to fly as if they held a meeting to spite PMB on a special day as the AFRD.

What happened to PMB at the National Arcade at the Eagle Square is not something new. In 2014, the Vatican city in Rome where you have the Pope stopped the ritual of releasing doves for special events when we were made to understand that Pope Francis released two birds that refused to fly out of the window of the Papal apartment. Several attempts had to be made to make the pigeons fly to the amazement of large crowd of worshippers gathered for worship. Still in 2014, President Goodluck Jonathan freed some pigeons and they also refused to make use of their wings. This particular action of the refusal of the pigeons to fly was perched on by Revd. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu as he described this act to mean that God has abandoned Jonathan. I still stand by the fact that caged birds hardly will fly immediately they are released from the cage. They will surely have their dull moments before they spread their feathery wings to fly.

As PMB and the issue of the non flying pigeons in Abuja were making the headlines, some people digressed and started asking if the pigeon(s) in Kogi State also flew. These set of people from other states in Nigeria were much concerned about His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State. They have always seen PMB as the father of Bello. On a daily basis, Bello's matter continues to ring a bell in their ears. Those asking this question were not even concerned about their own state governor's pigeon whether theirs flew or not but Bello was their concern. Our pigeon in Kogi State as released by our governor actually flew into the air God designed it to always fly and show to humanity its own part of God's wonders of creation. Our pigeon likes freedom of movement and flight as that is what makes it get its daily bread. Our pigeon did not want to be locked down because of any strange disease called COVID-19. The pigeon in Kogi State was well aware that the hand it was been released from was the hand of the singular governor in Nigeria who never bowed to the idea of caging people at home all in the name of a so called pandemic that has crippled the economic, education and religious activities and what have you. The dove knew the coast was safe for it to fly and land whenever it so desires. We all know the no nonsense approach Bello has shown towards security in Kogi State. Those who argued on social media spaces that the pigeons at the National Arcade refused to fly because of the prevalent insecurity in the country that has led to the loss of many lives may not be wrong. It is their opinion and they have a right to express it. We may also want to know when the decision of the pigeons to fly when they are meant to do so at any given event signifies peace and tranquility in the land.

The pigeons have come out clearly to symbolize the old and new order. It was as if the pigeons in Abuja and the ones in Lokoja actually held a meeting to make known the minds of Nigerians over 2023. Never again will Nigerians allow old men in their seventies or eighties rule them. Never again will Nigerians allow men are sick bodily as a result of old age coast to victory in any election. Never again will thuggery or godfatherism hold sway in our political environment. Never again will an old wine skin be allowed to mingle with a he wine skin. PMB is our President till 2023. No evil will befall him. He will not die. Fine, he is old and prone to sickness but each time he falls sick, God will surely heal him again. He may not have performed to our expectations but wishing him dead will never be a thought that will cross my mind. God owns our lives and only Him knows when He will ring the closing bell for each and everyone here on earth.

Most importantly, let us all be aware that the pigeon that flew effortlessly in Lokoja is not without a meaning. Our own Bello has shown interest in contesting for the Presidency in 2023 and on his hands the pigeon(s) flew and graciously spreads its wing in joyful flight. May God allow us all to see the glory of Nigeria we have always prayed for. The biblical Noah released the raven bird from the ark they were all hiding for it to survey the level of the water that God used in wiping away the world. This raven bird hovered over the waters until the water was dry and safe for Noah and others to walk on dry land. Bello released a bird on Friday the 15th of January, 2021 and it has flown. May it bring news of soft landing for his desired ambition.

Friday, January 8, 2021

9:49 PM

Former Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris Inspects Newly Built Anyigba Central Mosque.

Former Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris Inspects Newly Built Anyigba Central Mosque.

.....Commends Contractors On Job Specifications.

Ex-Kogi Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris says his decision to contribute his quota to the development of Mosques, is borne out of improving the moral and spiritual  well being of the society.

The former Governor dropped this hint while on inspection tour of the Multi million naira central mosque built and donated by him to Anyigba Community.

Alhaji Ibrahim Idris assured the Muslim Community in Anyigba that the project will be completed and commission this year.

He urged the muslims in the Community to protect the sacred house under construction, saying it is only spiritual rejuvenation that can assist this country recover it's lost glory.

Alhaji Ibrahim Idris noted that a sound moral and spiritual standard will guarantee self sustenance and self-realisation of our potentials.

He promised not to relent in his efforts to support religious Houses, so as to propagate more morals and good living.

The former Governor was welcomed by Ogohi Anyigba, Chief Imam Anyigba Central mosque, including the Christian community.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

8:48 AM

Hon. Halidu Celebrates And Eulogises Chief Asuku on His Birthday, Describes Him As A Hope for the Hopeless.

Hon. Halidu Celebrates And Eulogises Chief Asuku on His Birthday, Describes Him As A Hope for the Hopeless.

The Senior Special Assistant on Youths and Women Mobilization has on behalf of his family and the good people of Okene and Ogori-Magongo Federal Constituency congratulated the selfless, youthful, useful and humanitarian Pharmacist Abdulkareem Jamiu Asuku, the Chief of Staff to Governor Yahaya Bello as he witness another year on earth today.

In his birthday message released through his media crew, he described the celebrant as the "Hope for the hopeless".

Hon. Halidu lauded the efforts of the Chief of Staff for his foundation, Pharmacist Abdulkareem Asuku Youths Empowerment Foundation (PAAYEF) that had liberated many lives and produces many graduates in kogi state and Nigeria at large. 

Hon Halidu added that Cheif Asuku is the first politician who have secured jobs for his secondary school mates and also enrolled the ones that are yet to get job into his personal payroll.

"Chief Asuku is a modern pro-people leader who epitomizes love and development for his people and Country. He has exhibited uncommon wisdom, remarkable, vision and exemplary style of leadership cum being a role model and example of selfless giver to this generation." Hon. Halidu added

Undoubtedly, January 2nd is a special day. It is a day that God created one of the youths leading light and empowered him with courage, mass development initiatives, political and leadership capacity, love for his people and willingness to sacrifice for the good of his people. It is a day that God had sent Hon Abdulkareem Asuku to be one of the major pilots of this generation. Hon. Halidu admonished. 

Today, we can say we are proud to mark the Chief of Staff as someone worthy to emulate in kogi state and Nigeria at large.

We pray that Allah bless his new age with abundances Rahama and grant him all that his heart desires.

Once again, Happy Birthday Sir! 

Hon. Halidu Media Team

Friday, January 1, 2021

5:16 AM

Comrade M.I. Onimisi The C.E.O. Of Ebira Unity TV and A Public Affairs Analyst Wishes Nigerians A Sumptuous New Year.

Comrade M.I. Onimisi The C.E.O. Of Ebira Unity TV and A Public Affairs Analyst Wishes Nigerians A Sumptuous New Year.


May we succeed where no one else has succeeded before, may we fail when it will help us to learn a new lesson, and may we triumph over our failures and rise to ultimate success! It's a great privileged from God; for us to be part of another new year, not because we are powerful, not because we are special or for anything but by God's grace . 


I declare and I decree that year 2021 will be a year of our upliftment, accomplishment and execution of monumental projects for us and a year of more opportunities and harmonizing progressive ideas. 



am here to wish my fellow Nigerians and the entire world a happy New year, I also want to use this social opportunity to pray and seek for eternal repose from Almighty God for those whom we started the year 2020 with but unfortunately they couldn't end it with us.


I urge everyone of us to put love as priority in every of our respective activities as we celebrate the year 2021, taking our time to learn from our past mistakes and improve more on our strength in the year 2021. 


I am also appealing to all of us to stand as peace ambassadors, let’s learn to disconnect ourselves from every ungodly actlet set goals for the year 2021; I mean solid and progressive plans or offer products or invest in vibrant projects that will not only help you achieving a strong financial status but also help your society in general. 



New year, new ideas, new mindset, new creativity and new strategy that will help us accomplish our set goals in 2021, as we have only two options in taking decision, it is left for us to decide on either to become a "liability or an an asset". 



Comrade M. I. Onimisi

C.E.O. EUT And Public Affair Analysts

Saturday, December 26, 2020

4:35 AM

Thuggery claims against Ex-Governor Ibro: Austin Okai stop spreading fake news already

Thuggery claims against Ex-Governor Ibro: Austin Okai stop spreading fake news already

.....call your attack dog, Odih Daniel Nuhu, to order

By Issa Itopa Lucky

Recently, I read a review about Governor Yahaya Bello's recent interview with Channels TV. The review was carried in Observers Times, a media outfit owned by Austin Okai. Much as I have no problem with the reviews, the part number 4 where the reviewer by name Odih Daniel Nuhu crossed the lines of decency by claiming that Ex-Governor Ibrahim Idris sponsored thugs, is not just sad but worthy of condemnation. Such opinion shows how uninformed and rather misguided the Odih Daniel Nuhu of a person is, about facts.

Ordinarily, one would have expected that Austin Okai, the owner of Observers Times will put the publication to scrutiny before putting it out, especially at a time now that we are faced with the war with fake news as a nation, but then, because Austin Okai is a known party to fake news itself, he decided to bring low the bar of journalism and allow such misinformation to fly on his medium.

This does not however come to me as a surprise. Any keen observer of the politics of Kogi State will state without hesitation that Austin Okai himself has become a champion in the art of rubbing in the mud the name of the Ibro family as he finds need to so entertain himself and his gullible followers; as he wishes to take turns and filter the media with misinformation about the Ibro family, today it is Ex-Governor Ibrahim Idris, tomorrow it is the son, Abubakar Ibrahim, next week he turns the queue around and continue to attack the family on media unend, seeing how peaceful and peace-loving the Ibro family and the Ibro political family is.

Without probing far, the word of caution is simple, Austin Okai should call his latest attack dog named Odih Daniel Nuhu, to order. This is as Austin Okai, the publisher and owner of the Observers Times is by the baseless and inciting anti-Ibro publication, complicit as publisher, in the spread of such fake news, hence this publication seeks to caution Austin Okai, to put a stop to the constant art of dragging the good name of baba Ibro in the mud.

This constant anti-Ibro media attack tactics has never worked. This very anti-Ibro tactics alone cost the PDP that Austin claimed to be passionate about, the Kogi 2019 Governorship election.

One expects that Austin Okai and his co-travellers ought to have learnt already from the mistakes that led to the loss of Kogi State to the APC in the 2019 Governorship election and as such, they ought to start learning how to respect elders and leaders than to be railroading leaders who clearly made the way for them to even be the best they ever have been today.

Very importantly, Austin Okai and his co-travellers must learn that it is entirely unethical to abuse leaders, especially the person of Ex-Governor Ibrahim Idris, considering what good Ex-Governor Ibrahim Idris has done both in office and even many years after leaving office, in terms of fighting crime, provision of infrastructure, human empowerment and even State and nation-building.

Therefore wherever Austin Okai and his co-travellers find His Excellency Ex-Governor Ibrahim Idris, sponsoring thugs at any point in time, they ought to fear the possibility of lawsuit being brought against them for defamation of character, even to the extent of that of the person of an elder statesman like His Excellency Ibrahim Idris.

Ex-Governor Ibrahim Idris may not have an active media but that does not mean his good name and that of his family and that of the Ibro political family is open to any form of media attacks from anybody as there still remain some of us who are witnesses to Ex-Governor Ibro's good and we would not hesitate to respond immediately via the same media where the Ibro political brand or name is made a subject of bad perception.

Issa Itopa Lucky writes from Okene, Kogi State.

26th December 2020

Monday, December 14, 2020

10:27 AM

ORALF DECIDE2020: Oricha To Rebrand Okehi Apex Forum

ORALF DECIDE2020: Oricha To Rebrand Okehi Apex Forum

My Fellow ORALF Members...

December 14, 2020


In the immortal words of the 1984 Nobel peace price award, Arch Bishop Desmond  Tutu, he said and I quote “Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”.

Okehi Reawakening Leadership Forum (ORALF) as the apex socio-cultural platform which accommodates all sons and daughters of Okehi LGA has become a safe haven and our home, and we must collectively do good to sail her through the turbulence that natural comes with such an elite fora.  Giving the prevailing circumstances we find ourselves in the world today, the onus is, however, bent on us to deliver quality leadership via service to those who’d freely give us their mandates.

It is on the above premise that I, DAVID ORICHA EMMANUEL, Respectfully and humbly submits myself to serve you in the capacity of the PRESIDENT of ORALF.

One of my principal philosophy in life is to see that as humans, we collectively #MOVE towards greater heights. I believe that I, Oricha, is first all a Nigerian before anything else, by extension, first, an Okehi born before political and religious inclinations. 

Having said these, myself and my team shall base our campaign menifesto into four (4) major cardinal points. 






PEACE: simply put as “freedom from disturbance ”. If you support me to lead this noble platform, it is in our general interest for me to lead an aggressive campaign to mend our broken fences, and chart a pathway to a greater ORALF that will bear positive fruits in Okehi at large. 

UNITY: with peace comes UNITY, UNITY of purpose that defines our future as a people. Despite our various uniqueness in diversity; it is our greatest asset as a people. Once we are able to UNITE, there shall be no force strong enough to tear us apart as a people. 

PROGRESS: “Forward and onward movement towards a destination”. If you elect me your president; I shall spearhead the movements towards achieving peace and Unity with the responsibility of serving you. Only through genuine peace and unity comes PROGRESS. We shall by our many inclusive policies drive a sustainable progress of ORALF in a bid to translate such to the bigger picture ( OKEHI)

My team and I have outlined our road map towards achieving a progressive ORALF with our 2R&G


REBRAND: In the process of REBRANDING, one thing is sure; that as your president, I shall move quickly to transform ORALF into an organization with physical structures and presence 

- How do we hope to achieve this?: in my first 100 days as president, ORALF shall have a physical and structured office in Okehi LGA, to be sponsored by my very myself.  

- We shall have a working templates to generate a workable and comprehensive database for all ORALF members. 

- We shall move to have a working  bank accounts for ORALF where all the necessary executives shall be signatory to the account for accountability.

- We shall publish statements of account to ORALF for auditing and transparency.  

REPOSITION: We shall work with relevant and critical stakeholders to reposition ORALF to set her on the path of success. 

- we shall strategically place our members to access scholarships and grants from relevant institutions.

- We shall from time to time organize sensitization programs to prepare our members for the challenges of the 21st century.

- We shall propose a certain Percentage of ORALF income to be channeled into assisting the needy in our community at large. 

GROWTH : Under my watch as president, ORALF shall grow into a forum to be reckoned with Nationwide. I shall tap into my wealth of experience with the help of the Executives and my network within and outside the country to project ORALF and make it an envy of all other Fora. 

OKEHI FIRST: We shall move quickly to re-engineer and rewire our thought pattern to first of all see ourselves as members of ORALF by virtue of being an Okehi born before anything else. 

Under my watch, myself and my team shall work hard to eschew any form of sentiments, be it political, religious and (or) clan to achieve a UNITY OF PURPOSE THAT WILL CREATE GOOD LEGACIES THAT WILL OUTLIVE US IN FUTURE TO COME

Once again, I urge you all to join #WeMove ORALF forward and vote for me, so we can collectively achieve an ORALF for all. Thank you 



Sunday, December 13, 2020

3:20 AM



We received with great shock and devastation, the death of Dr Sam Nda Isaiah , the Publisher of Leadership News Paper.

Sam Nda Isaiah's contribution to national development and an undying quest for youth advancement were parallel to none.

The National Association of Nigerian Students condole with the family , friends, well wishers and the leadership newspaper in the spirit that the deceased as left indelible prints on the sands of time.


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

8:51 PM


Kogi State Governor on Students Matters, COMRADE ISAH BABANGIDA ONIMISI has been a youth advocate and before then, he was a student leader, even from his university days. In this revealing interview, he tells MOHAMMED YABAGI what he would do to better the lot of Kogi Students in his current position


My name is Comrade Isah Babangida Onimisi. I hail from Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State and I am, by the grace of God, through the generosity and good nature of people like the Chief of Staff to His Excellency the Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello in person of Pharmacist Abdulkarim Jaiu Asuku, the immediate past pro chancellor and chairman of council for the Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba, Prof Adam O Ahmed and other political leaders, I am the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Student Matters. To start from the basics, I attended the prestigious Federal University of Technology (FUT) Minna in Niger State from where I gardauated in 2015. I was the Personal Assistant to the former pro chancellor and worked as the coordinator National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Okene Local Government Chapter and I am the Chairman of the Coordinators Forum for Kogi Central. I have been made a hall of famer for the National Youth Council for Okene Local Government Area.I was the President of the prestigious National Association of Kogi State Students (NAKOSS) for FUT MInna in 2012, National President of the National Association of Ebira Students in 2015 before which I was the senate president of the body. I have been a volunteer for several worthy causes and calls for the benefit of the public and humanity in general. I am a confident, articulate and multi-faceted Politician, a member of APC and entrepreneur who is well-respected by the electorate in my native ward and beyond. Being heard and making a difference; those are the reasons I wanted to get into politics since I was a teenager in university. My passion for social justice, making a tangible difference in the community and resolving peoples problems makes me ideal for competitive political office where I can be seen to make a huge difference.

What are your plans to impact students of the positively as the SSA on Students to the Governor?
Thank you for this question. First and foremost, I want to express gratitude to Almighty Allah for this opportunity that being given to me to serve. I am most grateful. I want to specially thank the chief of staff to the Governor, my immediate past boss and other well meaning individuals for the roles they have played to ensure I was given this opportunity, I want to let them know that I will never let them down. As a youth and a youth advocate and youth leader before this appointment, I know what the students, most of whom are youths, are going through in their academic pursuit. My intention is to aggregate the issues that are affecting them and impeding on their ability to focus on their academic pursuit and make life better for them. We are working assiduously on the mandate of the Governor in collaboration with all stakeholders – ranging from the state commissioner for education, science and technology, in person of Hon Wemi Jones, to the Special Adviser and other critical players in the sector to ensure this administration achieved its set objectives. This also includes the heads all tertiary institutions and others. As I said, I know their problems, but I can’t say I know all and that is why we have already commenced a state wide Unity Project in all higher institutions to hold talks, discuss with the students themselves and understand their plights so that we can be better guided in coming with more robust programmes that would tackle their actual problems that we may not have full grasp or understanding in. Mind you, His Excellency the Governor, as a listening man who has the best interest of students and all citizens of Kogi State at heart, he has given us the blank cheque that would help interact more robustly with the young ones because as a youth, he understands that they are the future and so, is ready to do all that is within his powers to ensure a better, more productive and more developed Kogi State. As you may not know, most of the policies and programmes of the Govenor are becoming exemplary that other Governors in the country are copying.
Rate the Governors performance in the education sector so far
Excellent; without any fear of contraction, the man has done well. People from far and near are praising him for the fact that he has said the education sector remains his cardinal area of interest and he has followed it up and lifted the sector from the sorry state it was at. Students of the state origin are currently in school attending to their lectures while their counterparts in other parts of the country are at home as a result of industrial action. That is visionary. The recent establishment of Confluence University of Science and Technology is also something else. That is something that has further shown his commitment to developing the human capacity of our people. I always say that no society can grow without science and technology and that is to tell you that Governor Bello is looking beyond today; it is actually about the future. So, the university is coming at the right time. Nigeria needs a leader like Governor Yahaya Bello if we want to move forward and catch up with the rest of the world. He is a digital leader who is not only compassionate but also forecasts into the future with the youth and the young ones at the back of his mind.
What other policies do you think the Governor can put in place to adequately cater to the youth of Kogi State?
To be fair, have you ever seen a government, since the creation of Kogi State in 1991 with so much youth involvement? No! The government is youth oriented because Governor Bello is a progressive youth determined to change the story of the state and Nigerian youth in general. I think of all the states in this country, Kogi is the luckiest at this point in time to have this sort of leader at the saddle. We are moving forward. Now, let me sandwich my response with the issue of security situation in Kogi State because the youths are the majority security personnel in the country today and those that are lucky to be serving in the state would tell you they are having it rosy compare to other states of the federation. It always gives me pleasure to talk about the issue of security and how my Governor has taken the right steps to address the problem head-long. Prior to his assumption of office in January of 2016, Kogi State was one of the hotbeds of insecurity with bank robberies, kidnappings, armed robberies and the rest the order of the day. But since he came to power, he had made security sector one of the cardinal objectives of his administration and that is why he is the only Nigerian Governor that has been considered for security awards by the Nigerian Police Force in this regime. He has provided military outposts in the three senatorial districts of the state to the Nigerian Army, provided land for the construction of the Naval Barracks in Lokoja, the State Capital, he has continued to provided all security personnel in the state with logistical support and create other incentives necessary to boost the morale of security agencies in the state. Other things that he has are also for the benefits of the youths who are the major persons susceptible to crime and criminality in the society.
Advice to the youths and students of Kogi origin all over the country
My advice to students of Kogi origin is for them to ensure they face their studies, first and foremost. They must make productivity their watchword whatever they find themselves. As people of Kogi State, we are known for brilliance; innovative thinking; creativity, hard work, dedication and academic excellence. They should bring that to bear in their studies.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

9:18 AM

Terrorism: Hold APC Responsible For Killings ~PDP

December 3, 2020

Press Statement

Terrorism: Hold APC Responsible For Killings ~PDP

Exposes How APC Leaders, Govt. Encouraged Terrorism 

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has asked Nigerians to hold officials of the Buhari Presidency and the anti-people All Progressives Congress (APC) responsible for the festering violence and incessant killing of innocent Nigerians by terrorists.

The PDP asserts that the confession by the Buhari administration that our nation, under its watch, is at the mercy of terrorists, is self indicting; being the outcome of the overt and covert support given to terrorists by some unpatriotic APC leaders for their selfish interests.

The PDP recalls how the APC chieftain, as opposition leaders in the APC as well the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), openly showed sympathy to terrorists and took steps that frustrated genuine efforts by the then PDP government to fight terrorism.

Nigerians can recall how in 2013, APC leaders, then as ACN leaders, declared the proscription of terrorist groups in Nigeria as unconstitutional and even demanded that terrorists be accorded VIP treatment and should be brought to Abuja for negotiation in private jets; a development that sparked public apprehensions of their suspected links with terrorist groups.

The PDP further recalls how the APC, as opposition, went on propaganda war to frustrate government’s effort towards procurement of weapons to fight terrorists, with some of them, who are now governors and ministers, accusing then Federal government of seeking to use the weapons to kill opposition members.

The role played by APC leaders to frustrate the purchase of weapon through South Africa connection is still fresh in the minds of Nigerians.

Nigerians can also recall how the APC deployed negative propaganda to scuttle efforts by the Jonathan administration to bring in mercenaries that would have assisted in the anti-terrorism war.

Nigerians would also recall how these APC leaders truncated the training of the elite troops in Belarus by claiming that they were being trained as snipers to kill opposition members before the 2015 general election.

Our party also recalls how, ahead of the 2015 elections, the APC leaders encouraged hoodlums to fight against the system, with one of them, who is now a minister, emboldening hoodlums and insurgents to resist our security agencies with machine guns.

Even in government, the APC administration has failed to effectively equip our security forces, as recently confirmed by its officials, thereby jeopardizing the lives of our gallant troops fighting in the fronts, while the Commander-in-chief, who promised to lead from the fronts, continue to issue unhelpful rhetorics from the safety and comfort of the Presidential villa.

The public can recall how the APC Federal Government and APC governors have been making excuses for terrorists, negotiating with, and even paying and pampering the killers of our compatriots.

Nigerians also know how the APC administration had declared these marauders and bandits as deserters from Gaddafi’s army and yet ask Nigerians not to fight back but accommodate them as neighbors.

Such subtle support for terrorism was witnessed in the bizarre attempt by the APC-led administration to blame the 43 innocent Nigerians beheaded by terrorists in Borno state on Saturday.

Moreover the APC has failed to account for thousands of thugs and hoodlums it imported into our country to unleash violence on Nigerians during the 2015 and 2019 election; many of who are feared to be part of the bandits and marauders ravaging our nation today.

The APC should end its hide and seek and come clean on its connection with the escalated activities of terrorists, bandits, kidnappers and killers in our country. 


Kola Ologbondiyan

National Publicity Secretary

5:43 AM

PDP: Reconciliation Committee Did Not Threaten Party


December 3, 2020

Press Statement

PDP: Reconciliation Committee Did Not Threaten Party

Our attention has been drawn to a misleading and mischievous report in certain section of the media suggesting that members of the newly inaugurated PDP National Reconciliation and Strategic Committee issued threats to the National Working Committee on issues related to its assignment.

The said publication also sought to create an erroneous impression that the committee is ill at ease with certain stakeholders of the party. 

This report is completely malicious and we are aware that it is a calculated attempt by external interests to cause confusion, inject bad blood into our rank, subvert the committee and ultimately distract our great party from our unrelenting stand in providing credible opposition to rescue our nation from misrule.

Our party is also aware of various other plots by these external interests, who are uncomfortable with the unity, stability and willpower within our party as the only credible platform for all Nigerians in their rekindled determination to work together for the task ahead. 

The PDP assures all Nigerians that the National Reconciliation and Strategic Committee only sought for and enjoys the support of all party organs and stakeholders including the National Working Committee, the National Executive Committee, the Board of Trustees, the PDP Governors’ Forum, the National Assembly Caucus among others.

We therefore urge those seeking to plant a seed of discord within our rank to note that they are fighting a lost battle as our party will never be distracted from the task vested on us by Nigerians who now look up to the PDP for direction and solution at this critical time.

Furthermore, the PDP urges media gatekeepers to be more circumspect and always crosscheck the facts before going to press.


Kola Ologbondiyan

National Publicity Secretary