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Friday, April 10, 2020


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Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration-what a creation! Psalms 139:14 (The Message Bible)

As at Saturday 29th March, 2020, Oyiza Peter was still carrying her original face Nigerians used to call "follow come" from God. Within a twinkling of an eye the following day Sunday 30th March, 2020, Oyiza's original face became history. It quickly snowballed into a thing of the past. The beastly activity of her landlord and landlady bestowed on her a facial injury that if care is not taken will follow her to the grave.

God do not make any mistake when He created each human being. Some He created tall others He created short like Aki and Pawpaw the popular comic actors in the Nigerian entertainment world. Albino's were created by Him and the very dark in complexion people were that coloured by Him. This is God. Oyiza was wonderfully manufactured by God. I know her not from afar but from a close range. She was my junior at Lennon Memorial College, Ageva in Okene. As much as I can remember, she never fought with anyone while we were in school. She was that quiet and obedient student as at then. I have also been made to understand that she has remained her quiet self until her face was redesigned by an earthly landlord and his wife.

Ubasinachi Samson Ukwezor (the landlord) is presently using the name of Jesus to beg for forgiveness. This he started to do when he saw that the matter he thought was a child's play has gone haywire on social media platforms with the Vanguard daily tabloid taking the lead by reporting the case and doing a follow up on the saga. We have an update that he has been flocking the flat of Oyiza Peter with Ibo elders in Lagos calling God "Chukwu" and using the name of the Supreme to ask for a soft landing in this case that he and his wife brought upon themselves. I wonder why the Ibo elders in Lagos will summon this shameless courage to go with their walking sticks and red caps to beg on behalf of their wicked son and daughter who spilt the blood of an innocent Oyiza. Thank God it did not lead to death. I do not want to agree that the beautiful culture and justice displayed in their home videos ends only there.

If this type of wickedness is meted out on an Ibo son or daughter, will they accept apology if we beg them in the name of "Ohomorihi" or "Amadioha?" Have we forgotten what brought Ikemefuna and that virgin girl to Umoufia in the novel titled "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe? A daughter of Umoufia was accidentally killed and the community that killed had to stop a war with Umoufia by giving their own son Ikemefuna and a virgin girl to replace the slain wife of one of the sons of Umoufia. Amadioha was not used to appease the people of Umoufia in that matter. Sad enough, Ikemefuna was still killed at the end of the day by Okonkwo as a sacrifice to appease the gods of the Umoufias.

Some of you might be seeing us as  pagans. You are wrong if you think along that line. We have Christians and Muslims jostling for justice on behalf of Oyiza round the globe. From the angle of Christianity, Jesus was not a violent saviour. We believe in the statement, "vengeance is mine" says the Lord. Let it be known that we are not campaigning for vengeance. God forbid! We are simply seeking for justice as well as the family of Oyiza Peter. Nobody will hurt Ekweozor and his wife. The law of the land is what they are surely going to face. I do not think anyone will blame them for seeking such. Let us stop using the name of Jesus in this matter as cover up. What stopped the landlord and his wife from applying patience as preached in the Church by their pastors?

When Peter one of Jesus' disciples cut of the ear of one those against them, He did not celebrate Peter. He quickly cautioned him to keep away His sword as they that kill by the sword will also be killed the sword. He picked the chopped off ear and miraculously gummed it back without any traceable scar. The same is what is demanded from Oyiza Peter's landlord and nobody should think we are asking for too much. He and his wife are to pay damages in millions of naira after they perform their miracle of giving Oyiza Peter her follow come face and also make sure that her left ear that is presently dumb is hearing. If they can achieve this without us taking them to the court of law, that will be okay by us. If not, we have readied our case waiting for COVID-19 to pass so that we will swing into judicial action.

The landlord of Oyiza Peter simply behaved like the mad man who set fire on a small portion of dry grass which ended up burning down a whole forest and destroying many things of value. When asked, the mad man said it was a small portion of dry grass he set fire and the fire that has wrecked much havoc is not his. A big thanks to Senior Special Adviser on Security, Okene Local Government Area who quickly placed an announcement on this matter begging the Ebira nation not to react as we the Ebiras have lived peacefully with the Ibos for many years. Ekweozor and his wife are the mad people but the Ebira people at home would not tow the same path of madness with them because of our hospitable nature.

Once again, we appreciate the concerns of all those who have taken up this matter as theirs. Only God will reward you all. Together as a force we will get the justice we are all seeking for our sister #OyizaPeter.

Balogun Omeiza David (BOD)
Broadcast and Print Journalist,
Kogi State,
Friday 10th April, 2020.
11:58 a.m.
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