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Tuesday, April 7, 2020


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"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
John 8:32 (Amplified Version of the Bible)

I want to seize this medium to appreciate everyone that took their precious time to be following the story of Oyiza Peter. This matter happened in Lagos State, Nigeria but I am so impressed that people all over the world have shown genuine interest in the case. This post is to further to expatiate on the matter so that the truth will be established as only the truth can set us free.

Since last year, there has been no love lost between Oyiza and Anulika Ubasinachi, the wife of Ubasinachi Samson Ekewzor, the landlord and landlady of Oyiza Peter. Paraphrasing what Oyiza told me and also gave as narration to Omeiza Ajayi, the Vanguard reporter who has shown much interest in the case, trouble started when a new tenant came into one of their flats. She happened to be an Ibo woman but was closer to Oyiza who hails from Okene than the landlady who was an Ibo. The husband of this new tenant is based in abroad.

Oyiza made me to understand that last year, a quarrel ensued between her landlady and the new Ibo woman that came newly as a tenant. The landlady disconnected the woman's source of electricity without notifying her and all hell was let loose. It was when they were exchanging hot words Oyiza said she came out to serve as an intermediary between the two. The landlady was said not to be happy with Oyiza's interference in the matter. Oyiza told me the landlady told the new female tenant whose husband lived abroad that she was the one that made Oyiza to even have guts to talk to her. The landlady according to Oyiza went further to say that, "she wondered why an Ibo tenant will prefer to relate with another tribe to the point of even sending her to get things for her if she is going to the market while she discarded her a fellow Ibo by tribe." Upon hearing this statement laden with jealousy, Oyiza said she went inside her apartment to avoid the trouble of the landlady but the landlady followed her into her living room, pushed her out and carried her up like a wrestler and slammed her to the ground. To those of you who knows Oyiza very well, you will testify that she is a brief lady height wise. Oyiza said she was yet to recover from the pains of landing heavily on the ground when the landlady went further to sit on top of her holding her neck to the point that she started gasping for breathe. Oyiza said she was almost dying and all she could do at that point was to use her remaining strength to pull the head of the wrestler of a landlady to her mouth and she bit her on the forehead which made her to release her immediately.

This matter that happened last year was taken to the Police Station. Oyiza said she gave her own version of what transpired at the Police Station. She said she was made to apologise for biting her which she agreed and begged since it was the injury the Police was able to see as an evidence and nothing to show that the landlady climbed on top of her  pummeling her and also holding her throat firmly. The landlord and his wife accepted her apology and the case was dismissed from the Police Station.

After this ugly incident, Oyiza said the landlord served her and the husband a quit notice in January, 2020 for no actual reason. She said she and the husband were surprised upon seeing the quit notice. Oyiza said her husband named Pastor Rowland quickly swung into action to get another accommodation. The new place they got needed some repairs and it was in the process of fixing them up that the COVID-19 issue came up and Lagos State was placed under lock down. She said she and the husband informed the landlord and lady of their plight and they accepted they remain till the lock down order is relaxed.

Oyiza told me that trouble started when the landlord asked those in charge of electricity in Lagos State to disconnect them from their source of power. She said she begged the landlord to wait for her husband to come so that they will resolve whatever is at stake but he would not listen to her. In the process of she pleading for the landlord to exercise patience till her husband returns, her husband coincidentally came to meet the matter. She said one thing led to the other and her husband started exchanging words with the landlord. Oyiza said she dragged her husband inside telling him to stop quarreling with somebody that he is older than as the landlord is far younger than Pastor Rowland, Oyiza's husband. The landlord had his way and the light was disconnected.

Having disconnected the light, the next thing the landlord would do was to invite a plumber to come and disconnect their tap. She said her husband saw the plumber disconnecting the pipe linking their flat and he asked him who authorized him to carry out the job without informing him the occupant of the flat. Oyiza said the plumber retorted that he has been paid for the job and he must do it before he leaves. This was how the landlord and his wife, Anulika together with Oyiza and her husband, Rowland started a big quarrel.

All along we have been hearing only the side of Oyiza without listening to the version of Mr. Ubasinachi Samson Ekewzor, the landlord. Now, the landlord collaborated all that Oyiza said that I have narrated above but he said there was a statement that Oyiza made that triggered the anger of his wife, Anulika. The landlord said as they were arguing and exchanging words, Oyiza dropped a bombshell of a statement that, "truly they will pack from their house but she thank God that she has been able to put a a scar on the forehead of his wife." He said having said this, Oyiza went inside and the matter died down. Later, Oyiza came out of her flat to fetch water from the outside tap since their source of water supply within their flat has been disconnected. Having fetched the water and placing it on her head, the landlord said his wife out of rage stemming from what Oyiza told her threw caution to the wind and attacked Oyiza from behind with a sharp object targeting her face and arm. After this attack on Oyiza, blood started oozing out profusely and the neighbours as we were made to understand ran to the scene to forestall any further violence from both sides. The matter was reported to the Ikotun Police Station, Lagos. The Police we were told documented the case and had to release the culprits because of the lock down with a promise to go on with the case when the virus scare is over. At the Police Station, the wife of the landlord was alleged to have said it was a blade she used in tearing Oyiza's face. However, the blade that she presented as the object of attack and exhibit was said to be without blood stain. Oyiza was then taken to a hospital where her deeply and badly injured face was stitched.

Oyiza Peter is of the opinion that the landlady's wife simply attacked her as a way taking revenge for biting her on the forehead last year to wrestle herself from her near death grip of her nneck. Oyiza said she will not leave any stone unturned in this case until she gets justice because, even the "little" bite on the forehead of the landlady was what she made her to do and not that she Oyiza was a a violent person.

I heard from the grapevine that the landlord and his wife are begging for forgiveness at the moment and praying that the matter should be settle out of the Police Station and the court of law but Oyiza and her husband are not in any way ready for such.

Many human rights activists have called me today to find out details concerning the matter and I have verbally told them some and I think there is the dire need I put it also in writing the unveiling truth regarding this matter that has gone viral.

Surely this matter will be hard to resolved out of the court of law based on the degree of injury inflicted on the face and the arm of Oyiza. This is the time we need your opinions and counsels in this matter that is of great magnitude. Thanks for your comments and all the concerns you all have shown in this case.

Note: The attached pictures are those of the characters in this trending case. Oyiza is the one wearing a headgear while the landlord and his wife are the ones in the other two pictures.

Balogun Omeiza David (BOD)
Broadcast and Print Journalist,
Kogi State,
Tuesday 7th April, 2020.
7:00 p.m.
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