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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

See What Retired Naval Personnel, Isa Ogohi Said About PDP Governorship Candidate's Primary School Result.

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See What Retired Naval Personnel, Isa Ogohi Said About PDP Governorship Candidate's Primary School Result. 

In the midst of controversies and court judgment surrounding the grade school declaration of PDP Governorship applicant, Engineer Musa Wada, a contemporary during his primary school days, Isa Ogohi has spoke to the individuals of Kogi state to disapprove such unwarranted claims. 

In a video inclusion checked on the on going stalemate of declaration falsification of the PDP up-and-comer in Kogi,the resigned Naval official affirmed how he was a year in front of Engineer Musa Wada during their elementary school days and left in 1972 then Benue state , Alhaji Isah who bore witness to the affirmation of Wada at Primary School level in a video meet, said he was Wada's senior at LEA Okura Olafia – Dekina, Dekina LGA, where he graduated in 1972 while Wada effectively dropped in 1973. 

As indicated by the resigned Naval Officer, he was in Primary six (6) while the PDP's applicant, Wada was in Primary five (5). He said he can remain to safeguard his lesser, Wada, anyplace, that he was a duely guaranteed Primary School leaver. 

To validate this case, Alhaji Isah expressed that one late Mr. Augustin Ali Agama was the Headmaster who brought Musa Wada to the school while the were being educated in Dekina. 

Alhaji Isah who said the claim against Wada not having a Primary School Certificate is ludicrous, included that any individual who feels he was lying should contact his then Primary Seven (7) instructor, one Mr. Sule who is as yet alive. 

'We were as one in the grade school when Ali Agama brought Musa Wada into the school,he was in essential 5 while I was in essential 6' 

'I left in 1972 while Musa Wada left in 1973 and went directly to GSS Dekina to proceed with his Secondary education.He was a splendid understudy and a promising researcher as a prepared to stand up to anyone that Musa Wada produced his Primary Education endorsement' 

He vowed to follow the issue to anyplace and shield the grade school declaration gained by Engineer Musa Wada in 1973. 

This developement has brought to spotlight the political invention against PDP applicant in the last November 16 Kogi Governorship political race, Engineer Musa Wada that his elementary school result was manufactured .
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