Usman Okai Austin, The Man At Kogi Gate, the Thieves in the House. ~Onoja-Integrity Johnson. - Welcome to 247Inside9janews

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Usman Okai Austin, The Man At Kogi Gate, the Thieves in the House. ~Onoja-Integrity Johnson.

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Usman Okai Austin, The Man At Kogi Gate, the Thieves in the House. ~Onoja-Integrity Johnson.

While very many few people have continued to allow themselves to be soaked in ignorance of believing that Usman Austin Okai is fighting to be on the political dinning table of Kogi State, many more enlighten minds, especially those closed to him, have over the years realized his altruism, selfless struggle and its outcome for the masses.

Its unconvincing to tell anyone that Okai has no personal issue with anybody. But I can tell you authoritatively that the Okai I have come to know, keeps no personal grudges because he has not personal fight. He only sees oppression as a sin and just wont fold his hands seeing a people who have no food to eat but have a government that swims in luxury.

Over the years, he has remained the only man at the gate watching and preventing thieves from milking the state and freely escape. He stands as a lone man with the biggest voice. When he speaks, the government tremble and when he sneezes, they get cold. He keeps them on their toes. Everyone should begin to see that little we see in form of prompt salary payment today is because people like Okai are keeping watch on the government.

Take a cursory look at the government house and see the line up of attackers. The messengers of the attackers and the sponsors of the attackers… Name them one by one and it would surprise you that among those hunting for Okai, there is no single true enemy of Austin Okai. He sees no one as an enemy but they see him as theirs because he has unrelentingly stood behind the masses.

A man who has enough to eat and to spare is not poor. Undoutably, Okai has what to eat, to wear and to drink till the end of time. Okai fights not for himself but the down trodden masses and all inhabitants of the state Kogi. He sees no particular man as the enemy but those who have come to steal, to kill and to destroy the common wealth of the people.

The moon and the sun bring him strength. The nature watches over him. When they thought they have nailed him, at dawn he was with his people putting smiles on their faces. He went to the down trodden to make sure they are safe in their homes. How else would anyone define selflessness.
Here is the man who has taken the onus upon himself to speak for the messes.

Onoja-Integrity Johnson.
Social Commentator
Written from Abuja.
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