What Autopsy Result Reveals About Uwa Omozuwa, The Edo Girl That Was Raped In A Church ~Edo Govt - Welcome to 247Inside9janews

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Saturday, June 20, 2020

What Autopsy Result Reveals About Uwa Omozuwa, The Edo Girl That Was Raped In A Church ~Edo Govt

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What Autopsy Result Reveals About Uwa Omozuwa, The Edo Girl That Was Raped In A Church ~Edo Govt 

The Edo State Government has debunked reports that the late Miss Vera Uwa Omozuwa was pregnant before she was allegedly raped and killed by obscure attackers in a church in Benin-City, the state capital.

The state Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Prof. (Mrs.) Yinka Omorogbe, explained that the deceased was a virgin until the time she was assaulted and grimly killed.

She said the report of the autopsy conducted on her uncovered obviously that she was a virgin before her executioners assaulted her, including that it was brutal for anybody to state she was pregnant.

Omorogbe expressed this on Friday in Benin while getting individuals from Edo Women Development Initiatives (EWDI) who were fighting the killing of Uwa and flood in the cases of assaults over the state.

Reports via web-based networking media had claimed that the suspect captured in connection with Uwa's homicide admitted that he was sent by the church pastor since she was pregnant for him.

She noted that the news of her being impregnated by her pastor caused serious anguish to the relatives, portraying it as a terrible story.

She stated: "We were all horrendously stunned to perceive what happened to Uwa. It was awful; it was a merciless encounter.

"We were additionally stunned by a portion of the various things we saw everywhere, especially via web-based networking media, and that is the reason it is significant we come here.

"For instance we saw a horrible falsehood being hawked via web-based networking media, not normal press, that Uwa was impregnated by her pastor. That has been discredited, however it caused serious anguish to the relatives. It's a terrible story.

"In spite of the fact that one can't talk now, however from the autopsy done on Uwa, it was plainly settled that not exclusively was she not pregnant, she was a virgin, along these lines, how boyfriend  and pregnancy came in, just God knows."

Omorogbe who noticed that assault can be completely destroyed in the general public and that they are given the judgment they merit, requested for association with the prevailing media to counter fake news sold on the online networking.

"All we are attempting to do is to ensure there is no more assault in Edo State. In addition to the fact that I believe that assault can be completely destroyed in the state, government of Mr. Obaseki is focused on guaranteeing that there is absolute destruction of rape culture in this state and to guarantee that all attackers region given the discipline that they merit. We are doing everything we can to ensure this turns into a reality.

"This is the reason there is requirement for organization. Above all else, in any news, we have to know the source of the news that we run over. So it is significant we come here," she said.

Additionally, the Chairperson, Edo Women Development Initiatives, Mrs. Roseline Okosun, depicted the expanding instances of assault as a seminar on the land.

"We chose to come out at the beginning of today to take a stand in opposition to assault. Our moms are not, at this point secure and safe with their kids. They can no longer leave their kids with their neighbors and even with relations anymore.

"Relations are assaulting our youngsters, fathers are assaulting their little girls. I grew up here in Edo and I have not heard this terrible before that fathers, little youngsters are assaulting our girls in the colleges and down to grade school. I don't know the curse that has been put on our property.

"We need our youngsters to be sheltered, any place they go to they should be protected. No body should alter them regardless of what they wear, it's no body's business.

Indeed, even a multi month old youngster is being assaulted. We are disapproving of these. It must reach a conclusion," Mrs. Okosun said.

Talking in a similar vein, an individual from the Federation off International Women Lawyers (FIDA), Barr. Stella Ojeme, opined that the culture of quietness may have been explanation behind the expansion in assaults.

"We are for the most part here to communicate our profound misery, outrage and consternation over the occurrence of assault and debasement. We have come to request that all partners go along with us to stop this hazard.

"We are stating we don't need our ladies and kids to be raped anymore. We need our ladies to be treated with deference and nobility. We are calling all partners to go along with us to shape powers with us.

"We don't need the culture of silence anymore because most likely this is the reason the threat has flourish so long. We need law authorization organizations to be up and doing in their occupations. We need the government to additionally set up totally expected to shield us from assault. What's more, we need all the laws be reinforced and the old ones be evaluated."
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