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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Where Is The 3 Years Plans Of Restructuring Our Country, Comrade Zakari Najib Kahuta To Mr President And APC Leaders.

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Where IThe 3 Years Plans ORestructuring Our Country, Comrade Zakari Najib Kahuta To Mr President And APC Leaders.

...What Happened TAll The Promises From Mr President And Our Party Leaders During Campaigns?

Patriotic citizens are exercising their full right in participatory governance. Many of the youth who doesn't know what we have lost in this era will definitely be insulting this act of the patriotic citizens from Katsina state. As you have a right to vote though do you have a right to against any leader whose effort is not yet enough as promised. 

I was amongst the millions of Nigerians who kicked out Goodluck Jonathan all because of failed and unachievable aims of his but now the story is repeating itself. My fellow youth, you deserve better, you are great and you can be good if you want to be good, in reality our government of the day is not giving back to us what we expected, many lives have been lost and still many will be lost if we don't stand to say No on mass killing. 

I could still remember  the first month of Mr. President in the office, a lot of people were returning stolen funds, places were quiet and many public servants claimed been responsible, many were running ups and down, some were running out from the country, offices were very strict and diligences in there deliveries of daily responsibilities.

The truth must be said, where are all the funds, where are all the looters, what happened to all the promises from Mr President and our party leaders during campaigns, where is the 3 years plans of restructuring our country? 

Patriotic Nigerians, don't be fooled because we all are political habitats and we should know the language of politics, why should you not care about yourselves, why should you not care about your children. If Nigeria is not fix now then when will it be fixed? for all the trust, for all the plans before the 2015 elections, sincerely speaking there is a serious setbacks in the template presented to be followed by our current #leaders.

 Recently blames were punched to the late Abba Kyari, all due to the failure in governance, is that our bargains for a better government, did we vote in order to achieve several blames on people rather on achieving a constructive society. 

Sometimes, I wonder if my president is his self, our elderly and those vibrant youths I saw all the days of struggles (election) are now silent for personal purposes, remember, if the society is not fixed no amount of cumulated wealth of yours is safe neither are you safe ! 

Comrade Zakari Najib Kahuta 

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