Kogi Election: How Intra-Party Crisis Ruined Musa Wada/PDP's Victory At The Poll Before Electoral Violences ~Opata Abdallah Little - Welcome to 247Inside9janews

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Kogi Election: How Intra-Party Crisis Ruined Musa Wada/PDP's Victory At The Poll Before Electoral Violences ~Opata Abdallah Little

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Kogi Election: How Intra-Party Crisis Ruined Musa Wada/PDP's Victory At The Poll Before Electoral Violences

...many PDP Leaders/members may defect after the Supreme Court judgement

 By Opata Abdallah Little 

Politics is about personal Interest and responsibility which depict most politicians to be narrow minded, however not to this degree of hypocrisy that Kogi state PDP has taking it to, Some individuals from the People Democratic Party PDP in the last Kogi state gubernatorial political decision had demonstrated their selfishness to it peak. 


It is paradigmatically acknowledged by the entire world that Kogi state gubernatorial political race that was held in November 16, 2019 was about viciousness which in a neighborhood tone named as tatatatata, and other electoral inconsistencies like over voting in some local government areas, misused of some security agencies to frightened off voters and lots of morehowever few were referenced, before talking about the judiciary system of this nation which supposed to be hope of the common man yet ended up murdering the privilege of the common man, in all actuality the People Democratic Party PDP didn't simply lose the political decision at poling stations due the difficulties referenced above but because of the interior emergency between them. 


It extremely evident that during the PDP gubernatorial primary election some armed men attacked the scene which their primary aim was as yet obscure, and that raised heaps of ruckus in between the aspirants however it isn't sufficient to burned down the banner of solidarity in the party. I won't talk much about the primary election however we as a whole realize that many party members didn't work for the victory of the party rather working in shadow for the other parties especially the ruling party. 


No political party is free from Internal crisis yet when magnanimity is vital in the psyche of their individuals, it take no other ear to recognize their slips but the case of Kogi state PDP is different. 


The People Democratic Party PDP in Kogi state use to be a solid ideological group back in the days during the rule of Late Senator AT Ahmed and Dr. Philip Salau (Former deputy governor/BOT Member) from Kogi Central, Hon Stephen Achema and Hon Odawn from Kogi East, Engr Elder Sunday Awoniyi and Arch Olorunfemi from Kogi West, Internal crises has never length wild without sifting through agreeably but now avaricious, self-centeredness and cowardice has ruin the reputation those founding fathers has endured enough to fabricate, it is a pity that the youth who took over has ruined everything. 


Abubakar Ibrahim (AbuIbro) the child of the former governor of Kogi state, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris who challenge the result of the People Democratic Party PDP primary political race up to the Supreme Court shouldn't have been an impractical notion and furthermore not have been the motivation behind why we lose at the poling station if the party members could work successfully with one mind, but we know about certain Individuals who in their own selfish interest work against the party yet professing to be a member of our dear party, they are individuals who cover up under the shadow of tribalism and some inconsequential reasons I don't have the foggiest idea. 


The reason why some leaders and members of the People Democratic Party in kogi state still claim their membership is because the Supreme Court are yet to pronounce judgments, however we don’t need a prophet to tell us before we knows that many PDP Leaders/members may defect after the Supreme Court judgement if eventually the judgement did not favor Musa Wada and the People Democratic Party, PDP.


Indeed, the police chopper taking shots at the voters and the tatatatata boys including the fake armed force who were used in the the election has clear a path for us to cover our frail point neglecting the fact that we knew those that practice anti-party politicking, how many among our leaders whose loyalist work for the party? You will see some leaders went to the field alone to display his voting Ballot paper where as the entirety of his supporters made another exit plan. I believed the party’s leadership are aware of the individuals who practice anti-party yet they assumed everything is okay. 


I wish and pray for H.E Engr. Musa Wada and all of us at the People Democratic Party PDP to see the light of equity in the Supreme Court, but can simply give up without urging the National Working Committee of the People Democratic Party, PDP to look into Kogi State issue, as I unequivocally accept solidarity is the only tools that we can use to retrieve back the state from the hands of All Progressive Congress APC. 



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