Kogi Guber Decide: The Anticipated Supreme Court Judgment, A Shock In The Bone Marrow Pt. 1 ~Opata Abdallah Little - Welcome to 247Inside9janews

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Kogi Guber Decide: The Anticipated Supreme Court Judgment, A Shock In The Bone Marrow Pt. 1 ~Opata Abdallah Little

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Kogi Guber Decide: The Anticipated Supreme Court Judgment, A Shock In The Bone Marrow Pt. 1 ~Opata Abdallah Little 


God in numerous occasions has demonstrate to humankind that he is remarkable extraordinary from every one, however quest for power make numerous individuals lost their conscience and sense of reasoning, by seeing their self as a small god or agent god. 


I never for once in my life question the judgment of all-powerful the most high, however a few sacred texts made us to comprehend that God creat humanity in his own picture yet not in this elevated level of covetousness and narrow-mindedness, Kogi state been in a condition of quandary and disarray over the Supreme Court hearing that occurred yesterday on the 25th of August that many misjudged for judgment day made me to accept more in the decision of all-powerful God, his judgment is solid and he uncovered what he decide to uncover to humankind. 


Kogi state gubernatorial political decision that was held on the 16th November 2019 which lead to legal battle and tussle between some political parties, has arrive at it at final stage over the legitimate winner of the political decision stretch out to Supreme Court, where every single political parties involved in this legal battle believes they will see the light of equity. 


I can say in the historical backdrop of Kogi state, the past governorship political race is the most noticeably terrible, which gave the world another impression about the state. The pace of electoral inconsistencies recorded in the last Kogi state gubernatorial election is noticeable to the heard of hearing and perceptible to dazzle, this was the inspiration driving the reason for the fight in court which emerge between some political parties and the ruling party. 


The Supreme Court judgment has put all the parties involved in a profound tension not at all like the last judgment of the Appeal Court that practically all the political parties involved show optimism for victory, anyway the decision of the appeal  court isn't succulent to be term as equity. 


The dread and the powers behind the Supreme Court judgment over the legitimate winner of the November 16 election is too weighty that the stakeholders of the political parties involved needs to migrate to Abuja two weeks even under the steady gaze of the panel of judges were established, what are they doing in Abuja fourteen days before the constitution of the panel of judges? Does it implies the decision of the Supreme Court can be compromised? An inquiry which will be replied in the section two of this article. 


What I mean by "The Anticipated Supreme Court Judgment, A Shock In The Bone Marrow" is these; notwithstanding all these superfluous movement to Abuja under the steady gaze of the Supreme Court sittings on the 25th of August by the stakeholders of those parties involved, non of them can tell or aware that the judgment won't hold, however some of parties follower at home were cheering over the unpronounceable Judgment and am not amazed on the grounds that solitary the individuals who follow a Chef/Baker to the kitchen/pastry shop can feel the warmth it take in maneuvering bread or cake, some of us just express stun/joy over the sour or pleasantness taste of the bread overlooked the stuff. 


Independent National electoral commission (INEC) left the Nigeria electoral system into a dead express that the majority don't and can't expect a credible election in Nigeria drove us into this legal executive jumble, where the legal executive framework in Nigeria is grinding away into a crumbling state that doesn't ensure the majority of equity however this time around it’s obvious all the political parties involved in these are absolutely not certain about the outcome of the Supreme Court judgment dissimilar to the past decision of the appeal court, am not saying that the judgment can't be compromise but in unequivocal terms I can say it's not easy as of now, so every one is under tension and suspense


I wish the Supreme Court of law could reinstate the hope of the majority this time by passing a dependable and credible judgment on this issue, to demonstrate to the world that there is a piece of legal executive framework we can at present trust and depend on. May Almighty God bring back our old Kogi state.

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