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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Nigeria@60: Atiku Care Foundation holds Pre-Independence Day World Press Conference as Nigeria turns 60

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Nigeria@60: Atiku Care Foundation holds Pre-Independence Day World Press Conference as Nigeria turns 60

Gentlemen and ladies of the press, national Excos of the Atiku Care Foundation, ladies and gentle men

Today being the 30th of September, 2020 is the eve of our 60th independence.

Our security situation as a people and the standard of living have remained same or even gone worse despite the effort of governments at all levels.

It therefore behoves on us as Nigerians and stake holders of our collective future to look beyond ethnicity, Religion and political affiliations to proffer solutions to these issues that have bedevilled us as a people.

At 60;

We are still yet to have a firm policy on  social security or social welfare of the citizens.

This has made almost impossible for citizens to access all provisions made to relive them of the economic pressure.

Bearing in mind that poverty tops on the sustainable development goals, we call on government to draft a robust Social Security policy that will protect her citizens bearing in mind that a lot of Nigerians are living below the poverty line.

The need for diversification of the economy is sacrosanct viz-a-viz the subject of job creation and eradication of unemployment.

This must reflect by delisting some items on the exclusive list of government to give way to private sector participation, this will give rise to job creation and reduce the unemployment indices of our great nation.

Granting autonomy to states to control their resources will further open up our economy and reduce the expectation of Nigerians from the government at the center, it will further create a healthy competition among states and open up the economy to foreign direct Investments and more participation of the private sector.

A greater emphasis on Agriculture and simpler models of obtaining facilities meant for agriculture will advance the course of agripreneurship and foster the participation of the rural dwellers who look at agriculture as a way of life.

We are convinced that intensified infrastructural crusade in our education a sector and health will give the common man the opportunity to activate optimally their potentials as more than 60% of Nigerians are solely dependent on government owned facilities.

As we celebrate our 60th anniversary we felicitate with Nigerians for keeping faith and staying endeared to our unity; we wish to remind government at all levels that the protection of life and properties supersedes any impact as the world is empty when humanity is lost.

In view of our determination and commitment to make impact and support the down trodden, the Atiku Care Foundation shall channel her concentration towards Agripreneurship and entrepreneurship with the sole aim of creating Jobs and lifting the downtrodden out of the shackles of poverty.

This shall take effect immediate effect as part of our efforts to support the citizens of our great nation.

Long live Atiku Care Foundation

Long live the Federal republic of Nigeria

Happy Independence Nigeria.

Amb Aliyu Bin Abbas

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