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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe An Icon Of Youth Emancipation, With An Unstoppable Destiny.

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Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe An Icon Of Youth Emancipation, With An Unstoppable Destiny.

Humanity can be define as the characteristics that belong uniquely to human beings, such as kindness, mercy and sympathy.

Humanity is when your act of kindness is not base on what you gain from people but as an act of charity.

Humanity runs through the vein of some people to the extend that they make it a routine attitude and character which transform into their culture.

Talking about those who have serve their community effectively and relentlessly Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe can’t be exempted, how can you depict him other than a man whose act of kindness has taken to the top notch of political relevance, despite the fact that he is not yet in any political office. 

He was victimized in the last Kogi state general election but he never give up the good work of God he is known for.

Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe has done so many humanitarian work even before he contested for Kogi state House of Assembly to represent the good people of OkeneII constituency which Allah the most beneficent said is not yet time for him to represent the masses in any political office, many thought that Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe will be no where to be found again till 2023 political kickoff, just as it has been the nature of some of our past political leader in Kogi central, but the waves and forces behind his political dreams wade stronger.

In brief, let me draw the attention of the masses to some certain fact which shows that Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe is exceptionally difference from others  in term of putting the masses in mind, barely a month after the election that his ardent supporters were victimized brutally, he took the street of Okene II constituency empowering all the handicaps he came across in his constituency with wheel chairs and some cash of money to start up a petty business which can make life conducive and favorable for them, where one Mal. Ilyasu known as Oloko from Obehira-Eba ward was one of the beneficiary.

Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe who has assured the good people of his constituency of a better representative  during his campaign stick to his words solemnly that the numbers of the orphans and the less privileged that he was paying their school fees did not reduced by even one rather it multiply. 

Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe who I will always describe as a Moses of his time as I derived from the Bible story, happened to be the first political leader who distributed palliatives to his people during the global pandemic lockdown, and the distribution of the palliatives is not limited to political party or restricted any political party from benefiting.

Relentlessly, Hon. Sanni who is currently not in the country has never allow his constituents to felt the lapses of his faraway, he has gave out over a dozen of cars to his people within the period less than two months to both elders and the youths of his constituency, the distribution of the cars goes effectively that all the youths in the picture were given commercial cars to enable them stand up on their feet while the elder were given private cars.

Hon. Sanni who contested for the post of KSHA representing Okene II constituency of just four (4)wards has extend his hands of charity to Okene I during this first phase of empowerment, as if this is not enough he also extend his kindness to Adavi local government to the aide of a blind woman (Mrs Halimat) from Kuroko who has been a frequent caller on almost every program anchored on Tao 101.9 Fm reaching out for help from the general public for over two years now, but God so wonderful has use Hon. Sanni to sealed off her tears of needs, which he also promised to do more as soon as he returns from the states.

Hon. Sanni and his team will never get tired of the good work they have started, having this kind of people who has the interest of the masses at heart taken the leadership of all the political offices in our community will take us to the promise land as it is obvious that they will relentlessly prove to the masses what it is for having a good representative.

Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe is an unstoppable destiny that must be fulfilled.

...Hon. Sanni is coming back.


Opata Abdallah Little 

Kogi Cental Coordinator for Atiku care foundation 

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