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Monday, December 14, 2020

ORALF DECIDE2020: Oricha To Rebrand Okehi Apex Forum

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ORALF DECIDE2020: Oricha To Rebrand Okehi Apex Forum

My Fellow ORALF Members...

December 14, 2020


In the immortal words of the 1984 Nobel peace price award, Arch Bishop Desmond  Tutu, he said and I quote “Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”.

Okehi Reawakening Leadership Forum (ORALF) as the apex socio-cultural platform which accommodates all sons and daughters of Okehi LGA has become a safe haven and our home, and we must collectively do good to sail her through the turbulence that natural comes with such an elite fora.  Giving the prevailing circumstances we find ourselves in the world today, the onus is, however, bent on us to deliver quality leadership via service to those who’d freely give us their mandates.

It is on the above premise that I, DAVID ORICHA EMMANUEL, Respectfully and humbly submits myself to serve you in the capacity of the PRESIDENT of ORALF.

One of my principal philosophy in life is to see that as humans, we collectively #MOVE towards greater heights. I believe that I, Oricha, is first all a Nigerian before anything else, by extension, first, an Okehi born before political and religious inclinations. 

Having said these, myself and my team shall base our campaign menifesto into four (4) major cardinal points. 






PEACE: simply put as “freedom from disturbance ”. If you support me to lead this noble platform, it is in our general interest for me to lead an aggressive campaign to mend our broken fences, and chart a pathway to a greater ORALF that will bear positive fruits in Okehi at large. 

UNITY: with peace comes UNITY, UNITY of purpose that defines our future as a people. Despite our various uniqueness in diversity; it is our greatest asset as a people. Once we are able to UNITE, there shall be no force strong enough to tear us apart as a people. 

PROGRESS: “Forward and onward movement towards a destination”. If you elect me your president; I shall spearhead the movements towards achieving peace and Unity with the responsibility of serving you. Only through genuine peace and unity comes PROGRESS. We shall by our many inclusive policies drive a sustainable progress of ORALF in a bid to translate such to the bigger picture ( OKEHI)

My team and I have outlined our road map towards achieving a progressive ORALF with our 2R&G


REBRAND: In the process of REBRANDING, one thing is sure; that as your president, I shall move quickly to transform ORALF into an organization with physical structures and presence 

- How do we hope to achieve this?: in my first 100 days as president, ORALF shall have a physical and structured office in Okehi LGA, to be sponsored by my very myself.  

- We shall have a working templates to generate a workable and comprehensive database for all ORALF members. 

- We shall move to have a working  bank accounts for ORALF where all the necessary executives shall be signatory to the account for accountability.

- We shall publish statements of account to ORALF for auditing and transparency.  

REPOSITION: We shall work with relevant and critical stakeholders to reposition ORALF to set her on the path of success. 

- we shall strategically place our members to access scholarships and grants from relevant institutions.

- We shall from time to time organize sensitization programs to prepare our members for the challenges of the 21st century.

- We shall propose a certain Percentage of ORALF income to be channeled into assisting the needy in our community at large. 

GROWTH : Under my watch as president, ORALF shall grow into a forum to be reckoned with Nationwide. I shall tap into my wealth of experience with the help of the Executives and my network within and outside the country to project ORALF and make it an envy of all other Fora. 

OKEHI FIRST: We shall move quickly to re-engineer and rewire our thought pattern to first of all see ourselves as members of ORALF by virtue of being an Okehi born before anything else. 

Under my watch, myself and my team shall work hard to eschew any form of sentiments, be it political, religious and (or) clan to achieve a UNITY OF PURPOSE THAT WILL CREATE GOOD LEGACIES THAT WILL OUTLIVE US IN FUTURE TO COME

Once again, I urge you all to join #WeMove ORALF forward and vote for me, so we can collectively achieve an ORALF for all. Thank you 



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